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The Users dashboard displays the list of users in Proxuma. From here, you can quickly glance at the following details:

  • Name and Email Address
  • Role Task
  • Role Ticket
  • License
  • User Status

💡Pro tip: What's the difference between a user and a resource? When we say users, these accounts can access Proxuma, which can be given a role depending on their responsibilities in your company. On the other hand, resources are accounts from Autotask. You can quickly identify each user's status under the User Status Column. 🔍

Aside from the details that you can view, you have different actions that you can do for each user, such as:

  • Activating a user
  • Adding a new user
  • Editing a user
  • Resetting a user's password
  • Deleting a user
  • Changing Daily Availability hours (Autotask resources)

🔓Activating a user

  1. On the user that you want to activate, click the View Profile button.🔍

💡Pro tip: You can quickly identify if a user is not yet activated in Proxuma if the user status is color red.🔴

2. Click the Pencil icon.✏️

3. Activate the Proxuma Status toggle.🔛

4. Click the Save icon and hit OK.💾

5.  You will now see that the Proxuma status is Active which indicates that the user is already active.✅

➕Adding a new user

1. From the Users dashboard, click the + Add User button.➕

📝 Note: There will be adjustments to your billing once a user is added, and the rates for Engineer, Planner, and Manager are different. You can contact our sales team to learn more about your billing. 💰

2. Complete all required details. ✅

3. Once done, click Save. 💾

✏️Editing a user

1. On the user that you want to edit, click View Profile.👤

2. Click the Pencil icon.✏️

3. Update the user's information and click the Save icon.💾

🔑Resetting a user's password

1. If a user requests to reset their password, click the View Profile button on that user.🔍

2. Click the Reset Password button and hit OK.🔒

🗑️Deleting a user

1. Click the View Profile button on the user that you want to delete.👤

📝 Note: Deleting a user can't be undone once you confirm your action. ⚠️

2. Click the Bin icon.🗑️

3. Click Yes to confirm your action.👍

⏰Changing Daily Availability hours

In the Users tab, you can change Autotask users' Odd and Even daily availability of hours.

Here's how to do it:

1. Click the View Profile button on the Autotask resource that you need to update.🔍

2. On the Daily Availability section, adjust the hours accordingly.🕒

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