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Proxuma generates a corresponding notification for each process it performed between the system and Autotask. Through these notifications, you are able to identify the exact process it initiated. There are also times that you will be receiving error codes which means something is not configured correctly between Proxuma or Autotask.

In this article, we will be listing the common error codes that Proxuma generates. We  will also cover why these errors are happening and guide you on the best actions to solve these error. 

⚠️Error 500

Error 500 is a server-side error which in our case is an error in Autotask.🛠️

Here's how to fix error 500 (Billing Code Error):

1. Log in to the Autotask account you've synced with Proxuma.🔐

2. Identify the task/ticket work type and see if it's active or inactive in Autotask.🔍

3. Hover your mouse over the Main Menu icon.🖱️

4. Then, hover your mouse again to Admin and select Features & Settings.⚙️

5. Expand the Service Desk (Tickets) section and click Ticket Categories.🎫

6. Ensure that the ticket category you used is active.✅

7. Go to the Finance, Accounting, & Invoicing section and click Billing Codes.📊

8. Verify if the work type you used is active.✅

9. Go back to Proxuma and create a task again. You should receive an OK response (200 OK) which means the process is successful.🎉

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